Monday, May 21, 2018

Segmented Clocks by John Lucas

john_lucas_250John Lucas provided us an informative demonstration on various tricks and techniques he uses in making segmented clocks.

John highlighted the main challenge in segmentation work is accuracy. He said 12 segments are a good number for clocks but any number divisable by four can work. He demonstrated a custom bevel scraper he mad for doing the 5-6 degree bevel necessary for join two rings for a seamless fit.

He demonstrated the brittleness in using CA to fasten a glue block makes it very simple to knock off. He suggest buying better clock hands then the ones that come with the mechanism.

john_lucas_drill_jig_250Adding wood to hands is a nice technique but requires you to buy a clock mechanism strong enough to handle the extra weight. He said you can get the clock mechanisms from Woodcraft, Crafts Supply or

He demonstrated a variety of techniques for adding accents with various plugs. He demonstrated the use of an index wheel he picked up from Iron Fire.

Here is a jig he made that mounts in the banjo for drilling holes for accents.

by Mike Peace

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